BCM325:Future Culture and future media

Future Culture

By the end of the semester, we ended up producing five videos and two blog posts. At the beginning of the task we very struggle with the concept for this subject, it took some time for us to understand what should we do for our DA project. We also made lots of changes during the DA process.

In this semester, we have watched a lot of movies about the future and cyberculture. During the weekly lectures and watching the movies, we have been constantly inspired to our own digital artefact. Cyberculture has inspired me a lot. When watching the movie, I couldn’t help thinking, what kind of food is related to Cyberculture in our daily life? I immediately thought of meal replacement powder and wrote two blog posts about them.

This is the third time my partner and I have worked together. We are old partners. In the past two years, we have been constantly discovering each other’s shining points, and we have been pleasantly surprised to find each other’s progress. We enjoy encouraging each other and improving together. Keep giong!

Future Media

The traditional pattern of text and text can no longer meet the increasingly tricky or diversified needs of users, while VR, artificial intelligence, robots, big data, algorithms and cloud computing will play an important role in future media. In the future media, the value and core competence of human beings is a topic worth thinking about.

In my opinion, with the support of technology, the media will make great progress in these aspects in the future. First, by focusing on user feedback analysis and data mining, news production will become more personalized, diversified and vertical. Second, the news presentation mode is lifelike, from text, pictures, audio and video, web pages and other traditional forms to 3D animation, panoramic visualization, robot writing and other high simulation forms. Third, as news production and distribution become more intelligent, mainstream media will choose to build their own ecological platforms and expand diversified information services.

Reference List:

  1. Jia XY(2014),. VR+/Education Publishing: Integrated Development Embracing the Future. Media. 24:18–9.
  2. Janna A(2018),. PEW RESEARCH CENTER Publishing: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humans.

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