BCM325: Beta Comments


To Candace- Ceramic culture gets digital wings

To get a better understanding of Candace’s theme, I watched the Beta videos carefully and looked at the Pitch Post. I talked about some of my thoughts on the digital future of ceramics.

There is no doubt that porcelain was invented in China. Southeast Asian countries produced porcelain more than three hundred years later, and Europe produced it even later.

Porcelain firing to pass through the fire, Porcelain firing needs to be tempered by fire. How could ancient people control the temperature of the kiln without thermometers and how could they know the recipe of porcelain clay without a chemist. It was a very advanced science and technology. The whole West is obsessed with Chinese porcelain, known as the “white gold”. Louis xiv of France for his beloved wife building ceramics capital of China, and Prussia offered 600 Praetorian soldiers for 100 porcelain vases.

So how do we digitize the science and the art of porcelain? I think it is a good topic.

I have an idea to combine with blockchain to expand the ceramic industry. For example, in the identification card of ceramic cultural relics, the combination of blockchain technology and ceramic technology identification will give each cultural relic an ID card.

Finally, I have found some ways to improve the quality of the video, and I hope this will be useful.

To Jessie- Social Media Marketing Trends Forecast for 2021 and Beyond

We talked about the future of social media marketing. I’ve given some of my thoughts on social media trends, and I’ve given examples of instant content.
Some trends will dominate the social media landscape in 2021 and beyond.
The outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 May cause a lot of turbulence in the market, but we can still actively adapt to the changes, grow in the face of adversity, and take advantage of these trends to develop more possibilities.

Jessie has a clear goal for her DA, she is clear and easy to understand. Finally, I offered some ideas on the combination of social media and AI.


To Chelsea

This is a very interesting topic.
I took a look at Chae Media’s Instagram account and found the theme stretching from 2019 to the present. That’s cool.

They are working gradually over the years with the support of magazine designs and blog post content. They have released podcasts on various topics including Jody Turner and futurist thinking, their 5 year goal, their audiences preferences and more. They also have some ideas about the future.

I found pictures of them together on their Instagram accounts and everyone seemed to be having a great time.
I think the friendship gained during the process of creating DA is very valuable.

Anyway, they are doing a good job.

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