BCM300 Game Design: Protype

Hi, still Shuning here.

Yes, that’s right. I’m the only one in my group. I really shouldn’t left early which caused I missed the grouping time. But every coin has two sides. It’s amazing how much fun I get from designing games. I got a completely experience out of this process, which I think is very valuable.

At the beginning, I didn’t have any ideas, because I had never been involved in game design.
But I think it’s important to think from the player’s point of view first, so I’ve spent the last two weeks studying the relationship between games and people.

Although I’ve updated two blog posts, I still have no clue. I didn’t even know what kind of game I was going to make. I stared at “16 Desires” on the screen and suddenly thought of the GRAND THEFT AUTO which I most loved to play when I was a child. I think as a child, I did not have too much desire for the world, and the most exciting thing in my game was the desire to win or lose between justice and turpitude. So I came up with the simplest and most classic backstory and archetypes, police and criminal in a normal town.


“In a small town happened a bank robbery, the criminal and the police need to race, if the criminal gets to the station first, then the criminal with the stolen money to flee. If the policeman arrives at the station first, the policeman will arrest the criminal.

If either side loses all of its health in the game, it is considered dead, and the living side wins.”



Game Test

We tested it about five times, and in the first three we made a lot of changes, like increasing the health of the criminal, and increasing the range limit of the gun so that he couldn’t easily be killed by the police. In which I found a very interesting point, the construction site only can be used when just stepped on, so we tried our best to prevent each other to go to the construction site. It’s a tiny detail to think about, but I’m still happy about it. This momentary pleasure is more gratifying and precious than finish all the assignment.


During the process of game testing, I constantly changed the game parameters to make sure the game was balanced. The police must not be too strong and the thieves must not be too weak.I’m trying to make sure the player wins a fair game by their wits, not by taking advantage of the character.

In final two playtests, we made sure that we got enough game involvement and had a lot of fun playing catch-up.

I customized game cards with colors and used two character models take place of the character chess for a total cost of less than 20 yuan(about 3 AUD). The only regret is that the map is my temporary hand drawn, not delicate enough.

It costs very little, and players can actually make it at home.
They can also enjoy fun of DIY.


At first I wanted to have a big game that was really spectacular and complicated.
But suddenly I thought of the Gluttonous Snake.
In the days before mobile phones and portable laptops, even playing Snake with PHS mobile phone was fun, so actually good game mustn’t need to be that complicated. It just needs to satisfy some of the player’s desires, and it needs to be enjoyable, and it’s a good game.

All in all, this assignment was a valuable experience for me. And I also want to thank my friend for testing with me and giving me useful advice!

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