BCM325 Food Tour Beta

Pitch blog

In our initial idea, we planned to make a food program, because this is the common interest of Sheng and me.
Gradually we realized that we were not connecting our video content to the future.
We constantly refined our ideas and update our projects based on some advice from tutor, viewers and friends.

Beta video

We learned a lot in the editing and production process. More importantly, I found the unique charm of words and knowledge in the process of research. I not only created it for the purpose of attracting the audience but also solved my doubts. I gradually went from doing homework for the sake of handing it in to loving and enjoying the creative process.

In the process of creation, I found that the knowledge of many subjects is integrated. For example, the cyberpunk movies I watched in the tutorial also contain Orientalism learned in other subjects. It’s an interesting feeling.

In conclusion, we will continue to explore food in cyberculture and future food trends.

6 Replies to “BCM325 Food Tour Beta”

  1. Hi Shuning! I think that your Digital Artefact has developed into the BCM325 DA focus effectively, looking into the future of food within the next 5, 10, 20 etc years. Your team has taken on progressive iterations to increase the quality of your videos, delivery and concept of your videos. I think it is very productive to be supporting your investigations of the future of food with the informational blog posts. I think you could really continue to engage with the subjects we are exploring in BCM325, like how you were looking into food futures as framed by cyberpunk experiences, by also looking into the concept of predictions. Perhaps you could harness the information you have been integrating into the blog posts with your own intuitions on predicting what the future of food will look like. What other things impact this? population growth? environment? Another interesting activity you could do is investigate science fiction movies who seem to have this predictions of food in the future drastically right/wrong. What type of predictions are you making about the future of food? Pessimistic, Pragmatic, Doubted or Optimistic? Look at these sources to inspire your own predictions about chinese food:



    Furthermore, to encourage further engagement for your videos perhaps you should think about uploading short videos onto TikTok to encourage the conversation to be had world-wide. All the Best!! xx


  2. Hi Shuning,

    Good to see you are immediately adapting to feedback and cool to see you working as a group.

    however I’m still unsure of what time frame you are looking into with your DA.

    It’s good to see you integrating new ways of getting interaction for your DA through multiple platforms and a variety of people.

    From my understanding you are looking at future food/diet in asian countries, I think it could be useful to look at diet trend in countries as their GDP has increased as most asian countries are now in this situation, obviously it is not 1 to 1 being a different culture to where this has happened before but it think it could be a useful resource. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20854862/ here’s a suggested research paper looking into this concept in European countries.


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