BCM300-Analysis of Honor of Kings


The Honor of Kings is a MOBA mobile game that belongs to Tencent.

The Honor of Kings was mainly on a competitive battle, players can carry out a variety of ways of PvP battle, but also to participate in the game of adventure mode and pass mode. In the competition mode, it is divided into the traditional 1V1, 3V3 and 5V5 modes.

Up to now, the Honor of Kings still dominates the Chinese iOS free download list and the best-selling list. The popularity of the game in China almost to the top 80 years old people and down to five-year-old children. It has become a national mobile game. According to the latest statistics, the monthly revenue of The Honor of Kings is more than 3 billion yuan, and the contribution to Tencent’s game affairs is more than 25% of the total. 

Why is it such a hit? I am going to take a look at playing the game from the following aspects: gameplay, content, operation.


Because the game belongs to the MOBA type, the main gameplay is similar to LOL and DOTA. It mainly includes real-time PvP battle, supplemented by PvE adventure. As a competitive game, the game is fair in terms of PvP. The initial hero stats are all the same at the beginning of the game(excluding inscriptions and skin addition). Just like competitive sports, in the same rules and conditions, others are better than you in skill and technique, then you will be convinced when they defeat you.

But it also has inscriptions and skin additions. First, for the player using the skin, the initial attribute will be higher than other players, and different skin attributes addition of different kinds of heroes. For example, when an Attack Damage Carry hero wears skin in-game, his initial value will increase by 10 points to base damage. There is only 6.1 per cent of 163 base damage which is pretty low. During the late stages of PvP, as the increased skills points of hero, if both sides have reached 500 points, the influence of the skin would be only 2%. It will almost not affect the game balance. 

On the other hand, the inscriptions also provided attribute addition. The normal inscription level is a maximum of 150, and inscriptions can be divided into three types. For example, if collocation of the three objects: hunting, red crescent and the mind’s eye every 10, the whole properties will become: move speed + 10% and attack speed + 32%, + 5% crit rate, spell penetration + 64. Take the attack speed as an example, the 32% stat bonus is already similar to a full piece of equipment without passive effects.

If players want to get the full level inscriptions for free, they have to play the game for a while. Because the way to acquire inscriptions is basically through raffles, activity awards and enough liveness awards. Thus when players get to level 150, they are probably a veteran player who has accumulated enough experience.

The overall gameplay of the Honor of Kings is similar to the League of Legends, where heroes usually have three active skills plus one passive skill, and plus one active skill for equipment. Some individual hero may have 4 active skills or as many as 6 to 8, but too many skills are possible to make a hero become difficult to control.

In the aspect of skill design, many heroes have been re-designed, including the subsequent heroes. The project staffs maybe have their own positioning and conception. Compared with the mouse and keyboard of LOL, the Honor of Kings is more simple in the mobile game operation, coupled with the simple skills, clear joystick and equipment classification, automatically recommended equipment. The reason for the Honor of Kings has such a large user volume of one of the factors is that it is easy enough for people of all ages to operate, and it is also suitable for the fragmented time players. Players just need 10-20 minutes to play the game, the ultimate aim is to destroy the hostile tower. 


 Many of the roles are known in Chinese history textbooks, such as Ying zheng, empress wu, Liu Bei, Guan yu, and mythology characters such as the Monkey King, Zhu Bajie and so on, these are the impression in the image about the role of design. There are also some elements that contradict history. According to the design, it is a virtual distorted time and space, which is why so many heroes from different dynasties and different cultural backgrounds meet and fight here.

At present, the Honor of Kings has started a variety of historical education activities. Such as from the role of the game corresponding to each historical characters to carry out a series of historical activities. Thus every player has the opportunities to understand the real historical background of these characters, and in addition to the fictional story background of the hero in the game setting, it also added the real history introduction. It shows that the Tencent team is still willing to shoulder the responsibility of universal education.

Game operation

The Honor of Kings has such a large user volume owe to the operation and promotion. Firstly, the promotion of the Honor of Kings includes holding e-competition activities, and it also invites celebrities to participate in the activities, with the star effect to attract more players. Secondly, it also includes targeted promotion, such as inviting LOL anchors to play the Honor of Kings in the live stream, which can easily generate interest in the Honor of Kings among LOL players who are watching the live stream and turn them into potential players. Thirdly is the promotion in Weibo, such as made and forwarded some funny jokes and short videos about the Honor of Kings. Finally, the biggest promotion of the Honor of Kings is the players. For a team competition game, the most important part is having a tacit team. Thus for those players who play alone, it is easy to pull their friends, colleagues, classmates or relatives into the game. This is one of the reasons that the Honor of Kings spread out in the whole network quickly. However, the premise is that the game has enough good quality. If the overall experience of the game is poor, players will be less likely to recommend it to their friends.

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